Refine your motive

TEDx AUK 2019 Dr Amir Zeid
Dr Amir Zeid has a vision for American University of Kuwait’s TEDx events.
Omar Noir TEDx 2019
Omar Noir is as passionate as they come. A great first choice for lead off leg.
Melody Mitchell TEDx AUK 2019
Melody Mitchell had the tough act of following Omar. Melody’s approach was a stark contrast and perfect balance from Omar’s speech.
Disney TED Talk speaker jeff noel
The audience had been sitting for well over an hour before i started so i told Dr Amir (organizer) that i wanted 2 minutes to energize the audience. Used my signature selfie activity. As speaker #3, i closed out the first of 3 sessions.
TEDx AUK 2019 speaker
Two enthusiastic audience members. The woman told me she recognized how i consistently went the extra inch in my TED Talk. Totally intentional.
Omar Khalil TED Talk
Omar Khalil, speaker #4, did a live, two-minute phone app experiment that was incredible to witness.
Ali Husain TEDx AUK 2019
Ali Hussain arrived just hours before the event. Spoke with him briefly and didn’t make a connection.
Such warm and enthusiastic attendees.
Kuwait airport
Waiting for Kuwait to Dubai flight at 10:30PM Saturday night. Floor seating was all that was available.

Refine your motive.


It’s a script you tell yourself.

Is more business your goal?

Or is more business your reward?

Without pointing fingers, a couple speakers, to me, felt like they were there to promote themselves.

And me?

There to plant the catalytic seeds necessary for personal and global transformation.

In the giving we receive.


Go the extra inch and your life begins transforming.

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