Owners own everything

Glacier national Park
Hidden Lake Trail at Logan Pass. July 2018.

Owners own everything.

On Wednesday May 1, i proposed an introductory call. We had yet to speak and i figured the reason he hadn’t proposed a call was he is as busy as me, etc. So i initiated the phone meeting and we spoke Thursday, May 2.

It went great. Super excited to help him out; maybe a month ago, as a casual favor to a colleague, i offered to do it for free.

The call ended with him talking about the video recording of the speech. This completely caught me off guard. How does he not know i don’t allow video or audio recording? Period. He acknowledged he couldn’t find any. There’s no speaker footage of me anywhere, since 1999 when i began speaking.

In the moment, i made a judgement call to end our call graciously and to allow a good night’s sleep to see if it was time to lift the 20-year “lifetime” recording ban. Wanted to be open minded.

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