Be an example

We soaked our tired feet in cold water every chance we got. Mt. Stanton (L) and Mt. Vaught (R) across the lake. 
Lake McDonald’s shallow shore did not offer the same freezing temps as the Glacier streams near the summits. 
 From the Cabin deck. 
Zooming in on the Garden Wall. Granite Park Chalet is near there. 

Working in a place as wild and big as Glacier National Park offers easy access to stimulating and strenuous exercise. 

The creative formula that works best for me is to be in Glacier and to involve as many of the senses as often as possible and for as long as possible. 

Son, at Disney we have a saying, “Everything speaks.”

We (Disney) always involve all the senses in every aspect of our “Show”. 


A better Guest experience. 

Better, richer memories. 

Better (much better, actually) odds our Guests will return and tell others. 

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