Adjusted walking

Unique plant life on Fish Lake trail. Never saw this type. Ever.
Some force damaged this plant.
Capturing the moment.

Adjusted walking

We are adjusting our daily walking to acclimatize to sleeping at 3,000’ above normal.

First day: hike 2 miles on Sperry Chalet trail

Second day: hike 5 miles roundtrip to Avalanche Lake 

Third day: hike 6.5 miles on Sperry Chalet trail to Fish Lake

Today, day four, we’ll hike four miles on flat terrain from Lake McDonald Lodge to McDonald Creek bridge.

In a perfect world, tomorrow we’ll attempt Snyder Lake, 9 miles round trip. Steep climb and steep descent. 

Son, thank you for talking me out of Eddie’s ice cream last night. The banana, protein bar, and small apple were perfect – it was the only food in the car. 

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