Good morning from Many Glacier Hotel

Glacier Park wild flowers
Prolific this summer compared to last.


Rising Sun Motor Inn American Flag
Flag at Rising Sun before driving to Many Glacier.


East Glacier Highway view
Looking back at East Glacier.


Mountains near Many Glacier Hotel
Approaching Many Glacier Hotel.


Many Glacier Hotel
Arrival and view from parking lot.


Many Glacier Hotel
Different view from parking lot.


Grizzly Bear spray
$42 provides great peace of mind, and it might save your life.


Grizzly Bear warning sign at Glacier Park.
This is as real as it gets.


Mt Grinnell
Lake Josephine and Mt Grinnell.


Bear Spray
Hoping we don’t need to use it.


Many Glacier Hotel
Many Glacier Hotel from across Swiftcurrent Lake.


Thunder storm in Glacier Park
We made it back just in time.


Hiked roughly six miles yesterday. Mostly flat. Entirely breathtaking.

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