Dear memories

Windermere Prep Cross Country
Team bus, 6:55am Saturday morning (yesterday).


Windermere Prep Cross Country
Girls Varsity Cross Country race, 8:00am.


Windermere Prep Cross Country
L-R, Coach, Dr. Coach, Josephine, Elmira (a Russian student) running her 1st 5k ever.


Windermere Prep Cross Country
Team warmup.


Windermere Prep Cross Country
Team at starting line.


Windermere Prep Cross Country
He (center) ran the entire 5k without walking, finishing in 34:07


Dear memories,

Finishing 3rd from last may not be something anyone wants to remember, but please consider this – the guy who finished last had more people cheering louder than any other runner.


Because of all the runners, he had the most reasons to quit, but he didn’t.

Two weeks ago, that was you, even though you walked the last 400 meters.

Dear memories, you provide all of us with personal inspiration when we are able to look back at our “failures” and realize they were anything but.


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