Best time to worry physically

Blurry photo of family fun on a sofa
Sometimes you discover how cool your family thinks you are when you didn’t know it was a possibility. The smile in the upper left corner speaks the truth. Not to mention Hailey’s smile and Henry’s piling on his older cousin.

Remember the story about Lenn and Debbie in the Disney Institute break room talking about the Atkins diet they were on?

Chimed in and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone ask me what i do?”

Literally in unison, they said, “You don’t need to worry about it.”

To which i (hopefully gently) fired back, “i worry about it every day. That’s why it looks like i don’t need to worry about it.”

It’s the same way Disney Business Operations seem like “Magic” to outsiders. Outsiders believe Disney doesn’t have to work hard. When in fact, Disney works harder than anyone to run a great business. That’s why it looks like we (Disney) don’t have to work hard.

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