Disney Employee Engagement summary

Disney Employee Engagement summary:


Employee Engagement:

Customers may not comprehend the quality of your product, but they have no problem deciding if you love them or not. But how do you get your front-line employees to love your customers in remarkable ways, all day, every day?

Program Overview:

Hire | Train | Inspire | Value


The Disney Culture, and maintaining it, is my number one priority. – Michael Eisner, 1984


Who does your hiring? Are are they choosing the right people for your culture? And are applicants immersed in your culture from the moment they start the application process? Is culture carried into training?

Your culture, much like your vision statement, informs and inspires your employees, and it begins the moment a potential team member sees your job posting. It’s then carried through to a promise and a value – a promise to the employee that your products can be trusted and are of value, and that the employee can trust your company and that their contributions to your company, as well as their personal selves, are of value. An inspired, valued, respected, and trusted employee will move mountains for you.


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Take a deep breath and think about this for a second… Can you really work any harder?

What if there was something different and better you could do – in addition to maintaining your current maximum hard-work level?




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