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Disney Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Jeff Noel. Walt Disney World 1982-2014.

.think .differently

First two things everyone wants to know? Is the speaker any good and how much? Here ya go…

60-second sizzle-video…Jeff has spoken globally to over one-million people, and 2,000 organizations. He was Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker.

Minimalist site for people who are:

  • Familiar with Disney’s business architecture
  • Committed to launching a corporate improvement
  • Motivated to invest time, money and effort.
  • Bold Visionary • Risk-Tolerant
  • Seeking fresh, Disney-like thinking to solve unsolvables.

Jeff teaches Disney’s five Company Pillars and 19 Organizational Vibrancy blueprints.

Keynote (up to 90 mins) rate? Florida $20k, North America $25k, Crossing an Ocean $30k+

Jeff’s only publicly recorded speech, TEDx Talk from Kuwait: Note, first 90-seconds was not to be recorded.

Notice two world-class things in first 90 seconds: (1) How the unplanned stretch break was ingeniously turned into a purposeful moment. (2) At exactly 90 seconds in, Jeff steps back into the red dot’s center, takes a deep breath, and launches the Talk with a foundational question and a profound pause.

Hiring the right person from among the world’s best is hard. Lean on your intuition and Disney admiration. Jeff is a two-time Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, a published author, and highly-sought business advisor. His intellectual property centers on the five core, industry-neutral, Business Excellence Pillars:

Leadership Excellence

Employee Engagement

Customer Service

Brand Loyalty

Creativity & Innovation

So what?

So if you totally get Disney’s business architecture, are committed to launching a corporate improvement, and are willing to invest time, money and effort…email [email protected] to arrange a discovery call to ask Jeff questions.

In case you are wondering, sure, Jeff is a Disney Institute Legend, yet you will feel like he is a childhood friend once you hear the Disney smile in his voice on that first call.

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